Sandhya3Sandhya Singh,

Born; 1957

Masters in Fine Arts from DAV College, Dehradun; 1977.

Sandhya Singh is an acclaimed artist producing fine art and abstract works over the last 40 years.

Formally educated in India and inspired by musical rhythms, she has developed an artistic style of her own which is instantly recognisable.

‘To me, the structure of music is essentially, circular and cyclic. It starts with a central point – the soul, expands outwards, comes back and moves away again – slightly differently this time. And the motion goes on – ultimately merging into the vast temporal expense. And all this while the musical motion is characterised by its rhythm and harmony’.

The above insight into music allowed Sandhya to develop a visual grammar and syntax for her paintings, evolving into a unique style that embodies rhythmic imagination and harmonious rendering.

Her works are embodiment of composite Indian culture, relying on, and drawing inspiration from, traditional Indian thought. To her, the paintings are nothing but poetry – in an alternate medium.

She is deeply inspired by great masters like MF Hussain, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, besides classical Indian music maestros like Pt Ravi Shankar and Ustaad Bismillah Khan.

Sandhya’s art has always attracted vast attention from press and art critics. In 2013, she was credited by Kreshav Malik with having created a novel genre in contemporary art. (please click here to see the full article and press coverage received to date)

Over the years of experimenting with her own independent art movement, Sandhya mounted over sixty exhibitions all over the world including India, UK, US,UEA, Egypt, Sri Lanka and more (please click here for the full list of past exhibitions).

‘As my journey of Rhythisms on canvas continues, I hope to use my art to spread joy, harmony, positivity and peace for humanity in general, much like music, that inspires it’ – Sandhya Singh

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